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An Indian restaurant, but #NotJustACurry

An Indian restaurant, but #NotJustACurry

There are so many facets to Indian cuisine that we showcase at here at Lilu. We believe that Indian food is so much more than than a curry. We try to showcase the wide variety of flavours and textures throughout the menu.

Our plated meals give you the opportunity of trying the best an Indian restaurant can curate without you having to choose what goes well together.

The starters are created with flavour and texture in mind. Food should be an experience and there is nothing better than our beetroot marinated paneer served two ways - both crispy & soft.

In addition, we also serve our ‘curries’ as side dishes just in case you want to try something else in addition to your main meal. We always recommend a little sharing curry just so you can try some new flavours. But these are not the main focus of our menu. We like to be much more bold and daring with our food.

Belgian chocolate ganache with rose kulfi at Lilu Indian restaurant
Belgian chocolate ganache

To finish, we make our desserts in-house with a keen focus on quality ingredients. Our chocolate ganache uses Belgian chocolate, our pistachio kulfi is made with 100% pistachio paste and finally our signature Carrot Halwa is made with freshly ground cardamom to give you a true flavour of the east.

An Indian restaurant can be so much more than a curry bowl and we try to showcase this at Lilu.

The Tandoori Oven

The Tandoori Oven

The tandoori oven is fundamental cog in the Indian restaurant kitchen. The cylindrical oven is heated with wood or charcoal. It uniquely gives access to the benefits of cooking on a live fire, as well as radiant heat cooking. This second option derives from the special shape of the oven. Here at Lilu our tandoori oven is like a trusted old friend. This versatile piece of equipment adds a smokey essence to our food.

Tandoori chefs are like the warriors of the kitchen. They must battle with the constant 500 degrees or more heat beating down upon them. And still they continuously produce food that it is simply not possible to make in the domestic home kitchen. There are centuries of rich heritage and tradition behind the tandoori cooked foods we serve here in Leicester.

From tandoori chicken to the Lilu signature blue cheese naan. We make our naan using local cheese from Long Clawson Dairy. Both of these dishes have a unique flavour and texture because of the oven. It cannot be replicated without the Tandoori Master's skill and expertise.

We say thank you to our tandoori chef and his trusted accomplice! Although he battles the tandoori oven, it is still the greatest tool in his weaponry. He uses it to continuously produce tasty food for our guests to savour. Book your table to come and taste these delights for yourself.

Indian fine dining and local cheese

Indian fine dining and local cheese

Our duck main course has long been a favourite choice amongst our guests. We love making crowd pleasing dishes. But we also love experimentation with flavour!

We have wanted to do something obscure with the sauce for this dish for a while. The idea was put into our head during our last foray into the unknown with our Chocolate Curry sauce.

Long Clawson Blue Stilton is a delicious Leicestershire made cheese that is a big seller at our sister business, Wigston Fields News and Deli. We made it into a subtly spiced blue cheese dressing.

The Stilton made a surprisingly delicious complement to the rich and creamy Makhani sauce that we serve with the duck. Do I need to say anymore?

If you'd like to try it for yourself, book your table at our restaurant using our online portal.