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Indian Cookery

Indian Cookery

Indian cookery has developed over thousands of years. Our chefs take the best of that knowledge to create the finest dishes for Lilu's guests. This includes making use of a range of techniques.

Indian food gets its layers of flavour from the different cooking techniques that apply spice and taste at a number of stages at the cooking process. Items like the Dumpukht Biryani make use of long cooking in a sealed environment to hold the flavour in. Here, the rice and all of the flavourings are sealed in with a cover of fresh naan dough during the cooking. This also traps the steam which helps the rice to be light and delicious.

We talked about marination in our last blog. However, there are a number of ways to add flavour to a protein that is absorbed and permeates the dish. We create our own spice mixes, rubs and crusts for this purpose.

Of course, the mighty tandoori oven is also an important part of the dishes we create. The char flavour imparted by the scorching temperatures of the oven is an important part of the flavour of our Lilu special kebab. We are also well known for our cheese naans - the Blue Stilton using local cheese from Long Clawson - as well as our signature Red Leicester naan which oozes with luscious flavour.

If you want to learn more about Indian cookery, and have a go at making it for yourself, why not join us for a private cookery lesson? We have availability at the restaurant, or have our Chef come to your kitchen at home for a fun private session.

Welcome to Lilu

Welcome to Lilu

Lilu started as a dream, an ambition for a Gujarati family to one day serve our mother's recipes to our guests. This ambition was reinvigorated with the passing of our inspiration, my mum, in 2012.

We have spent the past 5 years gathering family recipes and pairing them with the professional expertise of Executive Chef JP Singh to construct a menu that is a true reflection of our journey as a foodie family. We now present Indian fine dining with a truly unique twist. Join us on a journey through flavour, and an exploration of authentic Indian regional cuisine.

Since early 2019, we have partnered up with a number of local producers in our sister business, #NotJustACornershop in Wigston. We fully embrace the #SupportLeicesterLocal ethos and try to support as many local businesses through our restaurant as we can.

This means that our main courses all now feature at least one locally sourced element. The food culture of Leicestershire is truly unique and we are proud to be a part of that story.

gajjar halwa in afternoon tea

Our food and service ethos is an homage to mum. She always wanted to please all the guests that visited us, as we now wish to please you.

Welcome to Lilu.

Afternoon Tea: Indo-French Tea Parties

Afternoon Tea: Indo-French Tea Parties

As part of our commitment to #SupportLeicesterLocal businesses, we're teaming up with fantastic French baker Chouxtique to bring you a unique take on afternoon tea. Yes, India meets France in our new Sunday afternoon party offering.

We never shy away from a challenge at Lilu. Our journey through Indian fine dining has taken us around the Indian subcontinent. Now we bring that learning back to Leicester and team up with our new friends to bring you something delicious.

Groups of 15 or more can book in advance to enjoy this special treat. It's afternoon tea like you've never seen it before. Chouxtique is a new bakery business in town. Nathalie is spreading the good word of choux pastry to Leicester. She can be often found selling her wares at the Local Producer Showcase at our sister deli, the Wigston Fields News & Deli.

A match made in Leicester

Now enjoy a mix of freshly made treats. It's the perfect way to celebrate with a group of friends. Hen parties, baby showers, birthday parties. What celebration isn't improved with quiche and beetroot marinaded paneer? Or profiteroles and gajjar halwa? They may seem unconventional pairings, but Leicester dances to its own tune. We believe delicious will always match with delicious.

Afternoon tea - enjoy Indian delight gajjar halwa

Come and try it for yourself. Advanced booking only, get in touch via this website. The cost is £25 per head. This price includes the choice of a glass of champagne or a locally sourced sparkling wine - the rose sparkling Noble Purpose from Rothley Wine Estate, or elderflower sparkling from Witham Wines.

If afternoon tea is not your thing don't worry. You can always hire Lilu for private parties with our standard party menu. Find out more on our venue hire page.

What is fine dining?

Fine dining can be defined in so many ways. At Lilu, we believe that fine dining expressed by the whole experience when you visit us. First and foremost it is about quality - exemplary quality. The service, the food, so many small details about every aspect of your dining experience.

We aim to give you a touch of difference. While we provide your regular tandooris and curries, we also offer an exquisite plated meal - something a little bit different from your average curry house. This is why we are #NotJustACurry - offering Indian fine dining.

What is fine dining? Beautiful halwa

Indian Fine Dining at Lilu

We start with the best building blocks - phenomenal ingredients. Now our menu includes a wide range of high quality, locally sourced ingredients. These come from our sister shop - Wigston Fields News & Deli. Our Head Chef, JP, is an experienced professional who crafts these ingredients - creating symphonies of flavour by weaving together unexpected tastes and textures. He has an eye for detail, which is why our presentation is so beautiful and so unique.

Then when the food is brought to the table, we do it with a little theatre. There is an amuse bouche here, a little extra there. They mean that there is always a new surprise and a new delight around the corner. And our waiting staff are the corner stone of our experience. Owner Pratik and his trusty front of house team are there to answer any question you have about the menu. We love to talk about our twist on authentic Indian regional cooking. You may arrive as a stranger, but we will always treat you like an old friend.

Enjoy the warmest of welcomes and the most delicious of meals. Leave Lilu knowing that you have been treated like family by a small business. We are passionate foodies ourselves. We know how important it is to get the very best fine dining experience for your money.

The Tandoori Oven

The Tandoori Oven

The tandoori oven is fundamental cog in the Indian restaurant kitchen. The cylindrical oven is heated with wood or charcoal. It uniquely gives access to the benefits of cooking on a live fire, as well as radiant heat cooking. This second option derives from the special shape of the oven. Here at Lilu our tandoori oven is like a trusted old friend. This versatile piece of equipment adds a smokey essence to our food.

Tandoori chefs are like the warriors of the kitchen. They must battle with the constant 500 degrees or more heat beating down upon them. And still they continuously produce food that it is simply not possible to make in the domestic home kitchen. There are centuries of rich heritage and tradition behind the tandoori cooked foods we serve here in Leicester.

From tandoori chicken to the Lilu signature blue cheese naan. We make our naan using local cheese from Long Clawson Dairy. Both of these dishes have a unique flavour and texture because of the oven. It cannot be replicated without the Tandoori Master's skill and expertise.

We say thank you to our tandoori chef and his trusted accomplice! Although he battles the tandoori oven, it is still the greatest tool in his weaponry. He uses it to continuously produce tasty food for our guests to savour. Book your table to come and taste these delights for yourself.

Indian fine dining and local cheese

Indian fine dining and local cheese

Our duck main course has long been a favourite choice amongst our guests. We love making crowd pleasing dishes. But we also love experimentation with flavour!

We have wanted to do something obscure with the sauce for this dish for a while. The idea was put into our head during our last foray into the unknown with our Chocolate Curry sauce.

Long Clawson Blue Stilton is a delicious Leicestershire made cheese that is a big seller at our sister business, Wigston Fields News and Deli. We made it into a subtly spiced blue cheese dressing.

The Stilton made a surprisingly delicious complement to the rich and creamy Makhani sauce that we serve with the duck. Do I need to say anymore?

If you'd like to try it for yourself, book your table at our restaurant using our online portal.