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Indian Cookery

Indian Cookery

Indian cookery has developed over thousands of years. Our chefs take the best of that knowledge to create the finest dishes for Lilu's guests. This includes making use of a range of techniques.

Indian food gets its layers of flavour from the different cooking techniques that apply spice and taste at a number of stages at the cooking process. Items like the Dumpukht Biryani make use of long cooking in a sealed environment to hold the flavour in. Here, the rice and all of the flavourings are sealed in with a cover of fresh naan dough during the cooking. This also traps the steam which helps the rice to be light and delicious.

We talked about marination in our last blog. However, there are a number of ways to add flavour to a protein that is absorbed and permeates the dish. We create our own spice mixes, rubs and crusts for this purpose.

Of course, the mighty tandoori oven is also an important part of the dishes we create. The char flavour imparted by the scorching temperatures of the oven is an important part of the flavour of our Lilu special kebab. We are also well known for our cheese naans - the Blue Stilton using local cheese from Long Clawson - as well as our signature Red Leicester naan which oozes with luscious flavour.

If you want to learn more about Indian cookery, and have a go at making it for yourself, why not join us for a private cookery lesson? We have availability at the restaurant, or have our Chef come to your kitchen at home for a fun private session.



Marinating your proteins with spices for up to 24-36 hours gives depth of flavour that you just can’t get by coating & cooking.

We put a special effort into every marinade that we make so every dish has a character of its own. Yoghurt is a major carrier for the marinades however that isn’t to be said that a non yoghurt marinade can’t be just as effective. Our most signature marinated dish is the beetroot marinated paneer tikka (fried & grilled). At Lilu, we choose to NOT use artificial colours in our foods and hence use the vibrant natural colours available at the greengrocers.

With BBQ season upon us, we encourage you all to MARINATE for up to 2 days before you cook your dishes, this also includes Non indian flavours too!

If you have any questions, Pratik will be happy to help on

Private Indian Cookery Classes

Private Indian Cookery Classes

#NotJustACurry Cookery Class

As well as being happy to share our recipes with our guests, we love actually teaching people how to cook Indian food. Lilu's owner Pratik is passionate about Indian cuisine. This is a bug he caught from his dedicated home-cook mother. He is recognised as a local authority on Indian cooking. This is seen by his regular appearances and hosting slots on BBC Radio Leicester's The Curry Show.

vegan stuffed vegetable private indian cookery lesson leicester

Now you can invite Pratik round for dinner! Well, at least get his expert advice in preparing it!

He is offering private cooking lessons in the privacy of your own kitchen. Learn the secrets of true regional Indian cooking in familiar surroundings. Being in your own kitchen will help Pratik to teach you methods and techniques that suit the equipment and space you have at your disposal. You couldn't ask for a better bespoke experience.

Menu plans arranged by mutual convenience. So whether you want to know top tricks for old classics, like getting an authentic chicken tikka flavour in your own home, or want to branch out and try something new, such as discovering the flaky flatbread goodness of the Lachcha Paratha, we can help! Delicious.

Vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diets are also catered for. Enjoy a 3 hour interactive class with a meal served at the end for just £195 for 2 people.

We can also cater for larger group bookings in your own home or at the restaurant. Contact us by email at or speak to Pratik direct on 07904929374.